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Innovate for Society

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We have already implemented idea


Pravallika Ramisetty


G.Narayanamma Institute of technology and sciences




• To give a glimpse of augmented reality (AR) in various fields.
• To create a virtual environment for a rich user experience.
• To integrate it into daily lives to help the masses.
• To achieve feats which are limited in the real world.
• To enhance the imagination of youth.


Through our app, a user can find various modules such as details, try and use. In use app, we have submodules such as education, greeting card, nature (IoT), scavenger hunt and campus magazine. Details Module: Here the user can know about the app. It explains the working of the app and how to use it. Try Module: It shows how our app works. When you open this module and scan the target image, it shows the 3D image of the barbarian model upon the target image. Greeting Card Module: Imagine what happens if you send a greeting card to your friend in Sunday Magazine and when your friends scan an image in the magazine through smartphone they can see a 3D greeting card with audio effects. Nature Module: Particle Photon is an Arduino compatible IoT board. For writing the program code for any Photon, the developer needs to create an account on Particle website and register the Photon board with her or his user account. Scavenger Hunt: Scavenger Hunt is a very famous game and it is played by many users. It is also known as Treasure Hunt. To play this game, the user just needs to pay a little attention. The most interesting part of it is, it uses AR, which is completely different from existing games. The components we used are Unity 3D platform for developing Vuforia for database, cloud, particle photon for nature module.


• Information can be easily understood through 3D images and audio and video effects.
• It is essential that potential AR apps give the user the ability to walk around large environments, even outdoors.
• Further tracking systems may be hybrids as combining approaches can cover weaknesses. This app finally shows how AR can change the way we look at things and learn.