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KhoPAL - IoT Integrated Sustainable Dairy Farm to Promote Food Security and Increase Milk Yield in Indigenous Cow Breeds


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We have a working prototype


Shree Rengan S, SAANJEEV S






Dairying and animal husbandry continue to be an integral part of human life since civilization began. India continues to be the largest producer of milk in the world, producing 155.499 metric tons in 2015-2016. Out of the 155.499 metric tons, only one-fourth of it is A2 milk and majority is A1 milk. A1 beta-casein protein can cause digestive problems. A1 milk releases a peptide called BetaCaso – Morphine 7, which is not broken down into amino acids, making it impossible to digest. Many studies have linked consumption of A1 milk to diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, autism, schizophrenia and sudden infant death syndrome. Farmers are not willing to domesticate indigenous cow breeds which produce A2 milk (equivalent to mother’s milk). The A2 milk yield is majorly affected due to improper domestication. Monitoring cattle the whole day requires skilled human workers and their time. Hence, our product will help farmers achieve sustainable dairy farming.


Our solution senses temperature, rumination, pressure and other cattle activities through sensors and sends the data to the data logger. The collected data is then sent to the micro-controller and uploaded to the cloud. The data is retrieved from the cloud and sent to our mobile app. It alerts the farmers in case of any abnormalities. We have developed an algorithm to predict the cattle’s behavior and health. This helps in preventing the cattle from any diseases at an early stage and increases milk productivity.


1. Promote sustainable dairy farming by increasing A2 milk production and educate the society about the problems of A1 milk.

2. Make dairy farming more farmer-friendly by the integration of technology into farming practices.

3. Reduce the operational costs involved in the maintenance of the indigenous cow breeds, and improve food security.

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