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Innovate for Businesses

Stage of Innovation:

We have a working prototype


Yash Agarwal, Niraj Agarwal


Manipal Institute of Technology




The end goal of all restaurants is to create a mark with the food they create. To enhance the mechanism of food presentation, restaurants often resort to investing in their food menu card. The evolution of the menu card begins with a cardboard menu and finally ends with steward-assisted tablet ordering. Unfortunately, such practices fail to serve their purpose of creating a difference and do nothing more than making the menu card look fancier.


The FE3D menu is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary solution that surpasses the expectations associated with a standard menu card. The steps to install the solution at a restaurant are: Step 1: On-location photography – A team of professionals visits the restaurant to carry out a high-resolution photograph of the food items. Step 2: 3D model production – The photographer transforms the photos into 3D digital replicas that are fed into the augmented reality (AR) system along with the name, description and price of each dish. Once completed, the FE3D menu is ready for use. Step 3: Using the AR Menu – Access to the FE3D menu is provided via a tablet. Guests can view, browse and explore the food items through the user-friendly interface. After having their meals, diners may choose to rate the dish they tried and provide detailed feedback on their overall dining experience.


FE3D provides a realistic 360-degree view of each dish on the menu, making users feel more connected to the dish. It enables restaurants to display and market their dishes in a far better way and helps them capture dish-wise ratings. Additionally, it enhances the overall dining experience, leading to an improved brand image of the restaurant.