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Innovate for the Society

Stage of Innovation:

We have a working prototype


Sabari Prabaaker R, Pranith H, Priyanka S, Deivanai A


Nitte Meenakshi Institute Of Technology




The Humphry’s field of vision test helps detect eye diseases such as glaucoma or vision blindness in a person. Unfortunately, such a test is not feasible or available in rural areas in India, leading to blindness or glaucoma among masses.


In a controlled environment, the Humphrys field of vision device projects lights of various intensities at various distances from the eye. A user clicks a button when the light is visible to him or her. Based on the lights sensed by the user, the device diagnoses whether the person’s eye is normal or losing sight. We have simulated that setup using a virtual reality (VR) app and headset via a Web app that records results and tabulates the details using a tactile input device to record the feedback during a test, making it similar to an actual device.


Since the device is portable, the eye testing will be available to masses and across inaccessible areas including rural, allowing early intervention and preventing blindness or glaucoma.