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Jayarajan v, Srivathsavan


Vel Tech multi tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala engineering college




With the rise of social media networks comes the need to enhance security. Nowadays, it is very easy to download someone's image from their social media profiles and use it to create fake acocunt or for conducting illecit activities.


This solution helps to secure the users image that is uploaded on the social media. Whenever a person’s picture is downloaded/ saved by an anonymous user, the solution will notify the profile owner. The solution also identifies the location where the downloaded image is being used and drops a notification to the profile owner. Being an integral part of image processing and cyber forensics, this project involves a resistive means of securing users data in the form of an image, which is being posted publicly on a social media platform. Over secure means, the image, whose ownership is legit, will be protected from the intruders from being misused. That is, when being downloaded or uploaded again, the victim user gets notified about the changes done to the original image when uploaded onto a site. Machine learning input is fed to the server to detect the changes done to the image uploaded by the original user onto a site so that it rightly predicts the mode of alterations done to the authenticated picture based on the quality factor comparison.


Helps secure people’s privacy and enhances safety and security in the social media.