Innovation Name:

Self-Learning Bot for Self-Help in any Language


Innovate for Businesses

Stage of Innovation:

We have a working prototype


Kannan Chandrasekaran


IIT Hyderabad




1. Support is a vital component of any business or service line
2. Huge number of human resources is required
3. Existing bot solutions required longer time to deploy
4. Rich knowledge base required to power the bots
5. Longer learning curve for bots to mature
6. Language dependency for Local support
7. Over a period of time, the answer relevancy is no longer the same


1. Bot with self-learning capability with modern natural language processing or deep learning
2. Bot with language translation or transliteration cognitive capabilities
3. Bot that scores answer relevancy over time intelligently
4. Bot with text-generation abilities with deep learning
5. Bot that answers tech or non-tech people differently based on their technical ability


1. Zero time to deploy. Just let the bot access existing support group mailbox and it will learn on its own
2. Self-adapting dynamic bot that keeps itself relevant over a period of time
3. Bot that generates text based on user technical level
4. Bot that speaks 28 languages