Your innovation can make a difference


The wait is over! Check out the innovations that have made it to the grand finale of the Accenture Innovation Challenge. Congratulations to all the finalists. You are now one step closer to the grand prize!

Innovation Name : ARTEMIS- Railroad Crack Detection Robot

Team Lead Name : Shashwat Sahoo

Innovation Name : Aryazla

Team Lead Name : Jayarajan V

Innovation Name : Cost-Effective Ingestible Battery-Less Electronic Health Pill to Predict and Prevent Heart Attacks and Sudden Cardiac Arrests

Team Lead Name : Nihal Konan

Innovation Name : EyeSee

Team Lead Name : Sabari Prabaaker R

Innovation Name : FE3D: FOOD.EXPLORE.3D

Team Lead Name : Yash Agarwal

Innovation Name : KhoPAL - IoT Integrated Sustainable Dairy Farm to Promote Food Security and Increase Milk Yield in Indigenous Cow Breeds

Team Lead Name : Shree Rengan S

Innovation Name : Luminosense

Team Lead Name : Sumukh Marathe

Innovation Name : Mind controlled wheel chair

Team Lead Name : Deepthipooja

Innovation Name : MusicManiac: Automatic Generation of Companion Chords based on Melody

Team Lead Name : Santosh

Innovation Name : Revoira - A Review Platform Provider

Team Lead Name : Manthan Kamble

Innovation Name : Self-Learning Bot for Self-Help in any Language

Team Lead Name : Kannan Chandrasekaran

Innovation Name : Tenders-2.0 - An Ethereum DApp

Team Lead Name : Siddhesh Rane

Innovation Name : Translucent Fly-Ash Block

Team Lead Name : Prajwal Prasanajeet

Innovation Name : VET

Team Lead Name : Ishlok Vashistha